About Me

Photography has long been a passion of mine.  I started when I was a teenager with a simple, free 35mm camera my grandmother received in some bulk mail-order shipment she received.  It didn’t take long for my mom to realize I really loved photography.  When I was 16, she gave me my first real camera for Christmas, a Pentax K-1000.  It was an all-manual camera.  The only electronic thing about it was the light meter that helped me gauge exposure.  With it, I learned the basics of photography.  Since then I have grown into more advanced cameras, and finally succumbed to the digital format almost 10 years ago.

Photography is not my career.  I didn’t want it to become something I was forced to do in order to put food on the table.  I enjoyed it way too much to make it something I did full time.  It wasn’t until a good friend at work convinced me recently that I should start a photography business and do it in my spare time.  So thus was born Tim Nicholson Photography.

I am available for most any kind of event.  I am happy to do events, portraits, whatever you may need in photography.  Contact me with any questions or to request a session.